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Our General Price List (GPL) is one of the most important tools you have for controlling and understanding the cost of the funeral.

Since a funeral is a very complex purchase, this guide is available to help our families better understand  the General Price List (GPL).

The General Price List (or GPL) gives details about the goods and services that we offer, including the price of each.

Much like a menu in a restaurant, the GPL allows you to select only those items you want, and it tells how much each will cost.
Basic Service Fees
Staff Services

You should be aware that EVERY funeral home in the United States is required by law, to provide a General Price List and if they don't, you should RUN to another service provider who does.   Now, this does not mean that EVERY funeral home must charge the same price for their services and merchandise.  But, the GPL must exist in printed form, showing a schedule of charges.

In addition to the required General Price List, there is also a Casket Price List, and Outer Burial Container Price List available for your review as well.

When budgeting for a funeral,  it is a good idea to start with our basic services fee. This is the only fee on a funeral home's price list that the client cannot decline to pay. This fee covers routine services that we preform that are common to most arrangements such as filing death certificates and obtaining copies for the family; coordinating plans with the cemetery and crematory; and filing for Social Security, veterans, and insurance benefits. This fee also takes into account our overhead costs and charges for the arrangements conference, securing permits, preparing notices, and coordinating arrangements with third parties such as the cemetery, for example.   Call us at 706-884-1092 to inquire about our basic services fee.

In the process of putting your funeral arrangement together, the price of every service or item of merchandise you include then is added to the basic service fee.  If you can think about it in this way, it will be easier for you to keep tabs on the expenses as you formulate your plans.

The General Price List  is not a complicated document, but I advise you to read it carefully and thoroughly.   

Regretfully, the timing that necessitates the review of the GPL makes it wise to confer with family and close friends prior to making any decisions about the funeral process. Our GPL is a valuable and necessary document and it should be carefully reviewed in order to make smart financial decisions about a funeral service.

When you come in to West Georgia Mortuary to discuss or inquire about funeral arrangements, the General Price List is available.
Juanita Harrell
Juanita Harrell, Owner

Juanita Harrell, Owner Of West Georgia Mortuary says that her goal is to offer a new concept in funeral service.  Ms. Harrell, a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer has over 40 years of both management and operation experience in Atlanta, South Georgia, and the West Georgia Area.  Read More....

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